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Wilson 2017

Vilson (Voodi Harrelson), a lonely and neurotic middle-aged misanthrope, reunited with his estranged wife and a shot at happiness when he heard that he was a teenager. In his unique and somewhat perverse way, it will connect with her.

In the near future, tired Logan (Hugh Jackman)care for the ill Professor X (Patrick Stewart) to a remote camp on the Mexican border. to hide his plan with the outside world is upended when hiontmoet young mutants (Daphne Keen) will suit hem.Loganmora to protect the girl and fight the dark forces that want to capture.

radical,CG-animated adventure about a teenager from the witty cruise on a daring mission to prove himself a master Vaifinder and fulfill their ancestors unfinished quest. During his trip, Bora meet once a powerful Demigod Maui, along a cross on the high seas on an exciting journey, experiencinggreat fiery creatures and impossible way.

PoignantMedical researcher Amy ambicijada opened haareigen Health in Vancouver. They are considered property that is for sale, and after a few visits to the farm, she began to experience them several ghosts in their daily lives, including frighteningnight vision rape scene and a horrific death. It involves quickly learned that the visions scene a young girl who was raped and vermoor.Ami`s life turned around when they start to look at the girl `s Last Living moments and spirit`smolba piece together Amy to help baptism. determinedto seek justice for the girl ‘s death, Amy restore data on crime periodically night vision and with the help of a detective, we are determined to find the perpetrators and bring answers to young meisje` family and friends.

language English

Classification: NA

General Data: April 20, 2017

Genre: Horror

runningTime: Not available

Distributor: GSC Movies



Format: 2D