Smurfs: The Lost Village 2017 full movie online

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Smurfs: The Lost Village 2017

Smurfs: the loss VillageThe film full computer animation is Smurfette with his brothers, walking through the area known Magical Forest to find coins for the legendary The Smurfs their nemesis Gargamel dužinuzlo is found first. During the movie, the secret origin of the Blue little creatures livingbrod mushrooms will be published, including the reasons for the 99 boys and girls only one.

Language: English

Classification: No

Overall, 6 April 2017

Genre: Animation

Duration: No

Distributor: Sony Pictures releasing International

Cast: Demi Lovato, Patinkin, Jack McBraier,Danni Pudi, Joe Manganiello, Rhine Vilson

Director Kelly Asbury

Format: 2D, 3D

In this fully animated, all new take on The Smurfs, maps mysterious set of Barbie and her friends smart, clumsy and difficult race as exciting as the Forbidden Forest, which led to the discovery of the largest in istorijiSmurf.UThis fully animated, all new take Smurfs, set mysterious card Smurfette and a good friend of her clever, clumsy and heavy in a thrilling and exciting race through the forest is prohibited, full of magical creatures to find the mysterious lost village before Gargamel’s evil master. AccessAmerican roller coasters travel, full of action and danger, The Smurfs on the road to the discovery of the largest in istorijiThe Smurf!

Apparently, Barbie, everyone else in the house estsmeta Papa Smurf (preferably), Baker Smurf (rolls), even Groucho Smurf (Grouches), or she.
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So that’s the only girl in the village thatoffices? If he finds it, of course! When you accidentally pass through a mysterious creature that flies in šumimagičan, she stands, and the known and strictly forbidden forest. The brothers join Stan, shredding and awkward, a length movies every evil Gargamel Smurf team moved their practice padarozhzhapovni prirodniOpasnostand the discovery, setting them on the path that leads to the greatest mysteries in the history Smurf!