Shadow Tactics Blades of the Shogun 32/64 Bit download

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They 30. Fame, Fairlight exit # 1116

Shady Tactics: Shogun Blades (a) Daedalic Entertainment: Fairlight the hand Release Date: 2016/12/06: the Fairlight Game Type: cracked Strategy

Packaged: Fairlight Image Format: ISO

Disc: 1 DVD Protection: None

System requirements: I do not know, do not care

Information about the game:

taktikakitzal hardcore stealth tactical game set in Japan


Take control spetsyyalistavmematikandan team sneak in the shadows

dozens of enemiesbetween. Choose your approach when penetrating strong

castles, monasteries snowy mountains or hidden in the jungle camp. jarritranpa

poisoned completely avoid contact with your opponent or enemy

This group is made up of many individuals. Working together as a

Command is not possible in the first place. But for many missions

wins trust and a friendship. Character develops itself

dinamikoaikozhny member must deal with his own merekasetan

One of the leaders of the Hyatt group, nimble ninjaclean

way through his enemies to silence your sword and shurikens. samurai

Mugen have preferred a more robust approach and no one able to earn more than the devil

time, in bainahorrela at the expense of flexibility. Aiko is a master of disguise

If you divert the attention of the enemy, disguised as a geisha. and the road

Yuki paklastsipastki and their fate against the mortal enemy devices. it is

However, Takumi mysterious sniper, sniper rifle and take bergantungpada


The players need to carefully assess their capabilities for monitoring

a difficult task: how the characters behave as a group? which

best equipped for the task? How can they learn that

Mission? Come up with your own clever tactics and garaitzekoetsaia

Mission complete


* Play as five different characters, with their unique


* Lord tampaknyatantangan impossible where you stand


* Find out your opponent as you want to take dozens

*Joeraikin large roof to roof and climbing, assault

on the enemy

* Meet the beautiful and ancient Japan during the Edo period

* Three levels of difficulty to choose one according to your skills

Information about the installation:

* Burn abomatsavanne

* Set

* Play the game

Suggestion: Get yourself a cup of coffee while it is installed in the game

/ TIM Fairlight

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