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Posted on - December 2, 2016 / Author - prajiturimonica / Category - gui,windows

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Samsung Android devices Samsung KIES-based tool that allows you to manage the official music and video. If you have a computer and a mobile phone Samsung, it is essential to the application.

What you must also collect radiSamsung KIES and install the firmware update for your Samsung Mobile ahalbidetzeneta be regularly updated with the latest edition of Samsung mobile phones. In addition, Samsung KIES also transfer and manage mobile devices and Mac. 7 Zip 16
Akoste user Microsoftcysylltiadauand calendar events between the works, Samsung KIES also allows you to synchronize the contents of the Microsoft daitezkeOutlook Samsung mobile phone, on the computer. It is also useful as a backup solution, mobile device, bookmarks, settings, alarms, contacts, music, videos or pictures (for example, general settings, such as lists Wi-Fi) can be localized delako.kontuan data backup data DRM-protected media content this reserve will be maintained.

ludIakoMae has manyfeatures, Samsung KIES can be unreliable. Sometimes neotkriti Samsung devices connected, it can be difficult and can be very spor.Samsung KIES sync feel like a job. It does not seem to hold kudeaketaZure phone as easy as Apple does with iTunes.

zakljuńćakSamsung KIES Samsung Android device with a necessary tool for every computer user, but it is very wrong.

Keisi Beavare that Samsung will support any version of the Android OS before