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PES 2014 took the field again, this time with afocus gameplay. A new graphics engine, improved animations and an atmosphere of this edition is the main highlightsof.

League, Cup, championship and multiplayer online

Pro Evolution Soccer, and already has a patch available for download, offering a variety of game modes:

Forloadingstages will tertentudalam shot and moves in a game situation, you take advantage of intermissionthat auseful gettips on a dead time!

PES 2014 designisn’tmenu is bad, but in terms of ereerabilgarritasuna, it is definitely a step back from the 14th to the modern and the new FIFA.

Total area of ​​freedom of movement

PES2014 in control, the game will not be a big upheaval. The main novelty is TrueBall Tek: controlof increasing by the analog stick, or to stop a ball through 360 derajat.Hasilnya striking realism and movement in PES unprecedentedfreedom you can control. This is possible the growth of the physical realm, meaningthereit is no longer annoying “bowling ball” effectthat the series over the years.

Arethe work also improved, which is fluid and compelling arenowmuch. Strength, weight and physical strength of the players, or the result may be due to the shoulder by shoulder strugglesbetween impact.

Logissekarang maneuverability as well; favorsteam the game and the speed is slower than in previous years. This is more difficultto steal the ball in the back of a player and he scored. Now, the position of the player to learn fieldandPlay or even take advantage of the opportunity to thetimingthe duzueskubidea was able to take a shot.

PES 2014 is going to be a sudden change in direction in the last game; in its place is a more natural movement. It’s a way, “manual” than before, even more compelling sementaratembakan Cross-calibrated, despite some tracks seem a little drive.

Thegoalkeepers improvedwell.They has excellent animation and remarkable saves. They are out of the way and crossed the ball forhigh assured,slowness and lack of reactivity arrenatezaina striker facing much to be desired (Y button on the Xbox joypad) when you leave.

CPU of the biggest highlights of artificial intelligence PES 2014.pemain moving more handled in Welland takeimages a surprise that it came out speechless, workas team andwhen necessary, it can be. There are 6 levels of difficulty will be able to select the AI.

But the team is playing well PES 2014 also requires an appropriate tactics. The range of play less than FIFAbut this lack of bikainaosatzen editor for a number of modules is the ability to create.

An extra gameclimate

PES 2014 NewFox graphic engine works well. All the details are taken into account, and the physical resemblance between the virtual players really impressive (but not the only famous person, “not so famous” somewhat incomplete). Greate on each level of attention to detail, excellent choreography and special banners foreach team.

these improvementsDespite the machine, you still need to do: We seeoccasional frame drops, but that does not affect the gaming experience. In addition, the gap could be rain or snow. It’s not a dealbreaker, but it’s a game of this caliber it’scertainly unusual.

Players now move freely and without any predetermined areas: PES 2014 Other new features of the “binary” is the almost complete absence.

Sound effectsprobably PES 2014 the best elements of all viewers 12di players on the field, the team supportingthe daetengabeaRumble, galvanizingevery risky move, whistling and urged atopponents theirheroes towards the goal, especially in the most frenetic game. In short, Konami has managed to give gamers really emotionally involved to create an atmosphere of incredible.

The dawn of a new era

ForPro Evolution Soccer, this is the dawn of a new era. This edition is based on the play: more team play, the more baikkontrol players, the ball physics revised, realistic and handling characteristics that enhancebatjoko range of experience.

So, he has finally beaten FIFA PES 2014? In a word – no.The EAsimulator still king, but the gap has certainly reduced and Konami titleis now a viable alternative.

thedevelopers have created a fun, rewarding games, allowing gamers toimmerse yourself that others were in a football video game in the stadium.

Fox engine, still immature and a bit at the edges, rough around the rebirth of the franchise, although very important. Konami to take forevera big step in the right direction: to improve many aspects of simulation title, a lot of happiness to all the purists of the genre.