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Parallels Desktop is a best seller in the world, the solution of the highest rated and most reliable way to be exported Windows applications on your Mac. With Parallels Desktop for Mac, you can seamlessly run both Windows and Mac OS X applications side-by-side without rebooting. file drag-and-drop between Windows and Mac applications, Windows sending programs launched on your Mac dock, and do much more with speed, control and confidence.

Business Edition builds Parallels Desktopdinobatkanpenyelesaianby adding features that administration enables to monitor departments and users to virtual machines running ended and manage and administer licenses by new Parallels License Portal. Exclusive features provide IT managers with important information, such as the closure of license, statistics user and real-time insight into the licensing business, easy to manage all their deployed license. Parallels Desktop for Business Edition Maret menyokongJuga services cloudcompanies, including Box, Dropbox for Business Businessen onedrive.

Features – Parallels Desktop 11

– Always Cortana virtual assistant allows customers to use Microsoft Mac programs, even Windows 10 is not a front-line application

– Travel down extends battery life up to 25 percent closed by temporary, select the resources that drain power

– Quick Look for Windows extensive facilities for the crisp March Windowsdan document file

– Force New Touch gestures ondersteuningsodat quick preview filesQuick Look or equality demo to find definitions of unknown words

– Increased Control Panel in March include new Coherence mode button

– The list of recently used files can be viewed on a Mac, no matter where the files are stored: on a Mac into a virtual machine, in the cloud or on a file server

– New easy to press all printers support options MacMenjimatkan time with intuitive solutions for users of OS X

“New Item” support-for the creation of new filesin Windows applications, including Microsoft Outlook, Excel and Word

-Now Users can cancel a virtual machine takes action

– Mac’s location services is now available for Windows

– Automatic synchronization of the virtual machine on your Mac

– File association better with clever messages notice faildalam help association of changes in OS X

– Improving the installation and use of virtual machines to directly access the Boot Camp verdelingWindows – without booting

– Improvedkeyboard Japan – dedicated to the Japanese language edition Single

Parallels Desktop 11 Pro Edition

– Integration with the leading development tools, such as port workers, Visual Studio (plug-in), the head chef and Jenkins

– Support for cruiser and other tools for developers

– Additional user profiles for developers, testers kuasadan users to the optimal configuration for their specific scenario

– Advanced network devices and virtual network configurations for testing scenario’skompleksenetworks, including the ability to simulate multiple network instability

– Save cloud Dropbox for Business and Business onedrive, Windows for Mac

– Headless off virtual machines in the background without any user interface

– Possibility to create ditambahPengklonan to save space on the hard disk and optimizes plant

– Better memory (64GB RAM) and processing power (16 vCPU) for better performance

– Virtualiseermodusingedien unforgettable Linux

– Environmental Testing the new virtualMachine Parallels Wizard provides the reader access to a free trial to test

Features 11 Parallels Desktop Business Edition

All features 11 Parallels Desktop for Mac Pro Edition as well as the addition of the following key:

– Berpusatpentadbiran and management’s ability to store it in a virtual machine control

– Parallels Web-based license management portal to a single activation code for manual management out skakelindividuele license keys

– Policy USB device maintainingadditional security

What’s new in run-32626:

Addressing the problems of stability and overall performance, and includes the following enhancements:

Solve problems with Windows 10 Insider Preview Start menu appears in conjunction

hilangmasalah crashed with Parallels Desktop to stop downloading free system the new virtual machine assistant

Not solve the problem install Parallels Tools in SUSE Linux

volledigeprobleem with no connection with Mint and Ubuntu virtual machine installed by VNCif Parallels Tools

Losing a problem with the mistake Ubuntu virtual machine Coherencein

Solve problems with nuclear panic when upgrading OS X Mavericks mayaMesin for OS X El Capitan

Solve problems with room keys can not be used in the virtual machine to upgrade the host operating system MacOS Sierra Example Public Beta

Solve problems with sharing Windows metSierra MacOS host operating system

Solving the problem with occasional sticky keys in OS X virtualmachines

Los marked the problem with the bridge for VLAN network

Solve problems with virtual machine desktop visual artefactenin Ubuntu on 12-inch Retina MacBook

Requirements: Intel 64-bit processor, OS X or later

Language: Multilingual

Ejecute su Windows and Mac

Probado, fiable and Boca from 5 millones the users

Parallel est que es la mejor del detrs company implementado software and OS X users ejecutarmaquinas Virtuales Corriendo Windows, Una vez dicho esto es la Noticia que Hoy ha launched Altimala devise the su aplicacin popular Mac and this type tareas.

Algunas de las mejores caractersticasnuevas children el Apple Support para tanto para as Windows 10 Cortana incluyendoOS X El Capitn, donde Working with estupendamente forma Nativa.

Segni’s puede learning en la web Oficial Parallels, Altima invented esta es hasta un 50 por ciento en que RPID versiones anteriores, incluyendo el Arranque as Los tiemposde Parada operaciones to / actor Archivos that hasta un 20 por ciento en copiar rpido. AdeMS Incluye un nuevomodo to enlarge the viaje que la vida de la batera igualmente hasta en un 20 por ciento.

Otra the lascaractersticas emblemticas 11 Parallels ya es el Apple Support comentadosemua Asistente virtual Microsoft, Cortana, el cual podremos invocar incluso el escritorio became OS X siempre Cuando est por detrs Corriendo equation. Segni explicado look por la propia empresa, siempre Cuando Windows 10 SE ejecuteen background image, siempre Los users podrn Hey Cortana decir Recibir una Respuesta.

Otros cambiosPasan and mejoras por la experiencia user Windows, Una forma en RPID far welding notificacionesde Windows and OS X, and mejora Las asociaciones to Archivos la localizacin soportea and tiempo real and Windows. Ahora puede incluso la aprovechar caracterstica OS X Quick Look para la previsualizacin the documents at Archivos.

Nombre: Parallels Desktop

Version (build 32626)

Platform: Intel

Incluye: Parche

Language: Multilenguaje (incluido Espaol)

Abre la carpeta el Archivo ejecuta tools

for abriruna VENTANA del terminal.

Pulse 1 Enter.

For pedir tu contrasea which Administrador.

Pnselapara que pueda park listening el programa.

Invented OS: OS X posterior

procesador: 64-bit


Ms information: