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Magix Video Pro X8 (x64)

Magix Video Pro X video editing software products is a perfect easy and powerful. Multi-award-winning video editing suite users ambitious and focused on the special requirements of professional and powerful tool for wide range of eskaintzenpostprodukzio.

Professional video editing

Determines access to edit, great performance and cinematic quality images and sound effects,

video production

Choose a wide range of tools batsempurnarekamanVyGPU-optimized video effects, specific measurement tools and as Multicam Editing.

audio edition

real-time audio mixer, key manager and editor of the sample on the right, as well as studio-quality effects that you need to optimize the sound ematendena tons.


All additional services, such as plug-in package looks like NewBlue, including the spectacular color filters and transition effects or ProDAD Mercalli V2 improved access to as image stabilization.


FormataProfessionalnye care(ProRes, AVC-Intra, etc.)

– Scalable edition smooth video editing 4K proxy

– Primary and secondary color correction 3-way

– Multicam editing up to nine tracks at the same time

– Comprehensive Action cam Alaguntza

– Surround sound editing broadcast quality

– Hardware decoding for HD and UHD (,)

– NewBlue Appearance: Top quality color filters unforgettable movie

What is new in Magix Video Pro X8:

shot game

Transfer visualsatudrugie video features. The program collected daKoloreand two separate tonal values ​​of the video is completely automated.

360-degree camera editing

Video Pro X 360 degrees footage of the latest edition of the chamber offers a wide range of options.

4K / animation Article

Using a material and manufacturing details forpiezak 4K-resolution image recording with a low-power mode.

The color looks NewBlue Film:

– The color and the light changed to give your movie a classic look.

– Color Suite Pro: Adjust the color balance, saturation and kecerahangambar.

– Gradient Tint:erabilizhainbat increase color filters.

– Focus: Set the area of ​​the image under the spotlight.

– Light Pro: Create a warm glow, adding highlights the original image.

the impact

Deep color and tone correction to edit individual values ​​ematenRGB lighting and proper channels.

The modern name of the template

Over 250 brand new title template completely renovated and a modern structure has Vidi.

OpenFX Support

Now you can use the standard plug-in video effects directly OpenFXAs a Mediapool.


VideoPro X is the first video editing program for the world’s ultra-fast hardware-accelerated support for Intel.

native ProRes support

The latest version of the built-in support for Apple ProRes video codec includes.

New version:

* Fixed a bug import MXF files

* Fixed rare crashes while exporting HEVC

* Authorize the extension of very small scale obektyVremennaya

* Zoom slider / Dimensions dialog now can be used again, as usual,

*Values ​​/ Update dialog is now a size again playback markatzaileamugitzen

* Visual alignment of the position / size of the impact of the (GPU CPU) is

* Fixed image position / size and effect with respect to the cuts distortion

* Fixed image distortion with respect to the rotation and the impact of cuts mistake

* Connection and title effects finkoaErrorea

* Fixed a crash when using the effect of disconnecting the display effect on zadneyranee

* Tetapbug where mere “Video Level” settingprevents keyframes

* Fixed crash when exiting the Multicam mode

* Audio recording is not finished, When pressed ESC key applications

* Fixed a bug that could prevent the use of the program before the end of

Camera * Fixed / Increase Travel Talk of a mistake

* Fixed crash when changing the number of monitors in standby mode operation and ondorenda

* Black frame proxy from a file, if the “video cropping” active selection

* Fixed crash when loadingefektemplate

* Fixed image distortion error (BMP) with the change in size and keyframe

* Fixed a bug where the object ezabatzenpista closed, object / design that take into account the effects of

* Fixed a crash when using very long file path

* Added an error while loading the lookup table are not valid

* Fixed crash when loading unsupported lookup table

* Fixed / Error of the project to re-load the lookup tables

* Increased effect on the speed of the lookup tableon a

* Fixed a bug in previewmemantau on the changing table

* Fixed several crashes in the calculation of the effects of

* Improved quality of moving objects on the edge

* Fixed a bug that can be animated objects (especially the title) in a short time flash when they left the area visible

* Fixed a bug where the initial position briefly the object (the object is to move in advance, if only the head is the agerPantailan)

* Distortion color brightness / contrast Effect razreshenesliThe only good point of the curve is shifted to the starting point or

Majority * Improved / feedback effects Animation speed

* Fixed a bug when loading / effect parameters aurreztekoOpenFX

* Fixed wrong value dialogue, as long as the effects of the sub-image effects OpenFX or disabled and are reactivated

* Alpha channel chroma key material can be turned off to interview

Luminance and chrominance * Test button to reduce the state key hasielkarrizketa

* Mercallicheresstrochnoy materialFixed problem with the scan image stabilization (DVD)

* Proyekfolder way back to the very beginning of the dialog box is displayed

* Expansion route animation (scaling behavior, performance, the new cards will dagehitu), and to solve the problem

* User interface localization and minor repairs