Jason Bourne 2016 Movie

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Jason Bourne 2016

The most dangerous former CIA operative from being pulled from the hide of the hidden truth about his past public.

Directed by: Paul Greengrass

Authors: Paul Greengrass, Christopher Department of the Interior

Stars: Matt Damon, Tommy Lee Jones, Wikander

Genres: Action | awesome

United States

Language: English | german

Video: AVC 2100kbps720x304 25fps @

Runtime: 1 hour 53mins

Audio: MP3 Digital Audio @ 192kbps

Language: English

Source: Several Thank you all!

eg: with

Encoder: CPG


IzadadenyTsi could put some quality behind? Good! F * (K Yeah!

video was good, but the problem is, as always with the video camera, says the best I can. I mean rotary losing more rice. accurate color, bright, contrast, and in personal issues that I want to tell you, come sweet.

Audio on the other hand was not perfect, I went for a few days. He has a few questions. 34min to 27mins of digital IDs audiosi I replace it with a sound cam has no other choice thansound was originally povnyskazhenni. Near the end there 1min voice, I turn the sound shifted cam. the rest of the line. I went through a couple of things to clean up proving a constant clamor for his master and other areas. It was difficult to synchronize the pool gave me a long time, almost two days because I’m very very lazy person, but the end result is a pleasure.

This is certainly improved audio and video Great Poop.

krygenietfaini CPG practice to get better, then, that as a sourceThe new, I do not think anyone balls to do it. Enjoy the 2 tests.

file: Jason Bourne 2016 HD TS x264 CPG

: 1h 53m

Photo: Gigabyte

: Matroska

Video 2,295 Kbps


Video: AVC / * * /

Format :: 1

: 720×304 pixels

Frame: FPS


Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3

2 channels

Selection: KHz

192 kbit