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Hangouts is a conferencing service instant messaging and Google Video. It is accessible via Google+, Gmail and Apps Fori phones and Android, as well as expand froma Chrome that your contacts can go directly from Windows Messaging chatten.Instant desktop and video calls Hangouts is an instant messaging platform with all the usual characteristics of a good message; If you are connected with your Google account, you can send messages, pictures and emoticons to send to contactosun in oneor groepsgesprekken.Devideo conferencing feature allows you to make video calls simultaneously with up to 10 people, no matter what device is connected. Integrates applications such as YouTube and Google Drive, as well as sounds and visual effects to let him have fun while gesprekken. NBA 2K15 1 Alleen the essence, since the Google Chrome hangouts in the top right corner of the screen, has been installed over the Windows taskbar. When not in use, the dialogue kanserminimizar systeemvak.DeHangouts the interfaceDiscreetly andminimalistin to focus on what is most essential: to talk. The main screen simply displays a list of contacts and a search engine, so you can quickly find them. When making video calls, a larger window, allowing you to access all applications and resources associated with having the video.Alles you need hangouts is the perfect extension if you have many contacts with the service. The gote verything simplesmente needto communicerenmet friends, withthe added bonussome features video calling very cool. The only drawbacks are that you can not call are simple, and Chrome always used to hang open.

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