Hamsterball Demo x64-x86 Free Download

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Hamster Ball is a game of crazy fast, dynamic motion and moving. The player takes control of a hamster in a big ball of her favorite toys and seemingly uncontrollable. Inspired by retro arcade game Marble Madness try to achieve in order to avoid various obstacles on his questat the end of each course, the purpose of this strange game.

Anything to stop

while helpenom furry friend navigate through different courses while at Ball hamsterituTampaknya you everything you want to stop. Tilt the device in the right direction deftly avoiding the traps for mice or forcedyour way through 360-degree line contour. The course was fun and colorful and sound effects really add to the fun and atmosphere of panic. Each course is unique in challenging yet totally fun to try. Trying to verslaanuw high scoreproblem of addiction.

Fun and Frantic action

Hamster Ball is bolamenyenangkan play! With a wide variety of colors and sharp courses are full of dangers and obstacles as challenges that are fun to navigate by simply tilting the device. The dynamics of the screen movesin the right direction, which is easy to master and unique method of controle.3D gameplay is fast and frantic with furry friends!