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Posted on - November 19, 2016 / Author - prajiturimonica / Category - computer

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FIFA 16 pales in comparison to PES 2016 became impossible: the king of football games revealed.

Three laps máxicasDeixando comparisons PES moment, FIFA 16 is a revolution in the series. The most famous of these changes is that you can now select and play in international teams, one of 12 women. soldiersEA implementation Sportss women is not limited to slightly change teams for men, women, which encourages and related zupełnieinna. partidasquese causes little slower and less physical, but also more dynamic, unpredictable and emocionante.FIFA Ultimate Team (fut) marked improvement throughfut immersion: a great way to enjoy this way without spending time on the computer to create your team. It offers a selection of players for each position, so that the new train Fut version and offers more accessible for those who are less interested in aspects of management. can konkurowaćwfour grown dificultadesparago gold. Here fut micro-transactions is a lesser evil, allowing you to enjoy their systems without having to pay cash real.Todos other ways, too, is enhanced with small improvements. For example – no career mode – you can put your created playerthrough training mini-games to improve their estatísticas.Os “magical moments” FIFA 16 is the result of some clever calculations by developers EA Sports to customize animations, recording, and physics. When one of oviemomenti replicate feel real game, you want to standholding his head in amazement. These lenses are the real strength of FIFA and the area in which you feel better PES 2016.

espectacularCon many improvements, because it is not in FIFA Soccer 16 first place? These problems occur during the game. An example of this is the main frustrationattempts to return the ball. Despite all the mechanical changes, and expect only the best taktykiciągle napagjachizvrshat pass erronun and capture, rather than trying to make a nuisance equipo.Os collect: automatic selection of players on the field is not random, and sometimes players do nottake pieces of their creation, and the ball seems magnetized to 2,016 porters mans.PES obligation to use tactics and teamwork and reward him for his efforts. FIFA 16 is satisfied with the sacrifice of these elements of the show and magic. When the magic happens, it feels fantastic.But kogasistemaresulta lost, seemingly at random, their joy quickly turns to anger and desesperación.Cal is the result if we compare these two games? So, we prefer PES 2016 (at least in console now works offer computer Konamis is terrible). You feel better, and your head is equivalentsuccess. FIFA 16 on the other hand, suffers from a lack of control by the priority of style from FIFA habilidade.Entón bad? No, not at all. zanurzenietworzy is excellent, with some strange odnesuvanjePleer feels very natural, as it passes hitting the ball. When these small ornamentsreally amazing place, so you can feel like you’re playing a real game.

Magic, variety and imediaçãoFIFA 16 is another great game of football equipment to expand the FIFA Ultimate Team Project Women provides easy access and “magic moments” are spectacular.So different, immediacy, and the show is your priority, FIFA is perfect for you. Now everything depends on EASport again on the ground, if they want to go and was entreFIFA PES grow further. And I have faith that they will.