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Fast MP3 Joiner machine idle time and group large MP3 file (up to 10GB) into several smaller pieces, and joins multiple MP3 files into a single file as well.

Fast MP3 Joiner supports cutting machine MP3 file by file size, pieces count, time duration, and custom selections. It offers a bar deslizantevisualmente locate the breakpoints in wanting to cut. You can also see every custom piece, and cut off his head and nazadpreklopuvanje, fade in and fade in October machineMP3 ID3 tag holds information waaronderID3v1 and MP3 ID3v2 when cutting. If saving otempo Food Machine MP3 Joiner also supports batch cut, you can cut a lot of MP3 files at once. Reducing MP3 files directly without software re-encoding, so it is fast and exactly keeps the quality of the original MP3 sound files.

The MP3 Joiner accepts MP3 files, although they encoded different encoding parameters such as sampling frequency, speed and channels. And you cancustomize encoding parameters of target MP3. The software also supports connecting the series. functional annotation allows you to enter one or more files MP3 or beginning of a series of MP3 files, and add one or more MP3 files to end of a group MP3 files.

key features

Easy to use

Cut MP3 files

Join MP3 files

cutting support group

series supporting participate

diminuírpor file size, pieces count, time duration, and custom selections

supportfade-in and fade-out

Support for forward and backward overlap

Support for editing ID3 tags

Fast and without loss of sound quality

Support large MP3 files (4GB)

Join all tipoficheiros MP3

support for drag and drop

Platform Support