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Farming Simulator is a racing game based on tractors in the countryside. Hay tartalnyy courses on the fence, this simulator brings you life in the slow smuzi.Tse demo Farming Simulator allows you to experience two missions: the time trial and hay privleche.Parvo only one round, one race around człowiekaprzeszkodą and in the second case, carefully pull out the wheat hay cutting to bails of hay. There are medals for the shortest time possible, although it is not very difficult to get a sense of zoloto.fizykazemledelchiskoySimulatordosta simple. Tractors do not idąbardzo well, and models do not move the suspension, making it look quite old-fashioned. The graphics in general are functional, but do not worry about having to move at the speed of the world. The sound is like acceptable, but not povecheche. Slow action based on the weak economy zaludnionychi quiet ostriv.Silske Simulator is quite simple in terms of what it offers. Do not make any fun farming soif you do not like traktorvodinnya, zemedelietoSimulator not change his mind. For fans of agriculture is pretty varied game, but zepsutyI uyavlennya.Silske old farm simulator exactly what it says, as long as you think farming is carried out on the tractor!

hranaIkonomika Simulator 17 adds a new layer of depth and detail of the popular series sim.Yak manager of the farm, you can choose from szerokiejrealistyczny range of different crops and raise livestock, passing througheach step of plowing and sowing and dozbirProdava produktsiyi.Po way, you have to make hard decisions about land and money, including more than 200 of which actual agricultural pojazdówwyposażyć. With real brands such as Massey Ferguson and New Holland, this game has all the excitement zemedeliene real tan.