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Posted on - December 3, 2016 / Author - prajiturimonica / Category - gui,windows

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Daiza mod for Arma IIvith transformed into a military conflict in the game of survival in a post-apocalyptic world infected zombies. Dan Zrekuires original game Arma II, to make it koriste.Okrutna played Daiz, your only goal is to survive and escape turned into gorgingzombie brain. thatsdelateto, Balkanac travel from one city to another in search of food, weapons, or Ifioure able to adapt to this hostile world, Balkanac andhave die, to start from scratch!

Beware zombiesand other players! The multiplayer game DaiZje, where you have this big world withgreat likaminshyya igroki.Esli you meet other people, and it is unclear whether their intentions are good or bad, or if you already have or in the company. Last night must be constantly vigilant, keeping in mind that a good alliance is the best way to disrupt othersurviveor igrače.
Zoom Player 9 Installer download free”> Zombiji, konechnozhe most vidavochnymnebyaspeka, but you should always be careful with the other players, who would like a bullet to the head, although their equipment. Fortunately, barbaric attack on other human players is not the only option. Communicatingvith other playersand are looking for a value for the strategy will be essential to your survival.

incredibly zhyvyNavakolnae environment and grafikaOkruženje known DaiZs best quality. Just a huge map (you will need about one and a half hours to go from one end to the other), as well as its full of meadows, forests and cities,full of dangers. The graphics are incredibly based on the engine, Arma II, which still has some surёznyyatruki rukavu.Likovi, objects and environments are breathtaking; You will be surprised more than once.

Unique gameplay iskustvoDaiZ breaks deep and realistic gaming environment. Maudgive a second youth to Arma II and yavlyaetsyapolnostyu free, if you have the original game. His AMUST kozhnagahto looking for something new.