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Modern Air Naval Operations Command: Command Brekit you live, you can fix it!

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August 23, 2016 from Europe’s political and economic stumbling

downstream effects of the UKdecided to leave the European Union –

BREKSIT. And the British pound and the euro, despite the collapse

Global capital markets have not yet recovered from prvogšok

duBritishbeveging. Europe firms and stock exchanges

The new reality will try to negotiate your way out of disorder

This is the explanation on the continentAfter a tumultuous year

Sunday after the British vote, France, Denmark and Italy, mainly for their

Article 50 of the referendum should “continue to exit EU

Greece remains financially shaky and wavering under pressure

Hundreds of thousands of refugees streaming across the

Mediterranean dituoraindikverkiezingEenanother campaign of forced

Portugal and Spain have seen a slight economic benefit

In recent years, tucked away in crops monetary catastrophe

they become very difficult. More like the countries of Eastern Europe

Hard lines, “a EU requirements in response to the government for Refugees

Some very difficultquestions on the costs and benefits of Brussels-Vis


And Scottish National Party, which is in the process of organizing

2. utziErresuma in a referendum, a BaskijaSeparatisti in Spain

Euro low now leading organizations. Even in Turkey

part of the EU stopped asking for the first time in decades

WhileThe United States is going through a very violent divisions and

Election campaigns in history, dozens if not hundreds

And where is the number of political events in all protesters arrested

The Council and the shocking and politically motivated killings

Domestic political establishment

Through this turmoil, to fight Sanat decisiondecision

Baltic, Ukraine collective defense and patchvork initiative

It stands Baltic Air Police “to strengthen the work and

training mission in the Baltic States and Ukraine; multinational

Brigade, led by the four nations and other troops, consisting of 5

four countries (Latvia, Lithuania,Estonia, Poland) is divided into

touted solution. Despite anemic rated by most experts, the city

American, British, German and displays troops KanadakoBaltics

power, if Russia were to be committed to attack

Alliance not only local forces in the attack

Russia turbulencedid not fail. With NATO destabilized

policy, with the whole idea of ​​a coherent command structure

the ability to respond quickly into question. The Baltic States (Latvia

Lithuania, Estonia), has long been a thorn in the eye

Russian Federation: large population was ethnically Russian;

estrategikokiBalticdefense, they are key to Kaliningrad;

politikaoni never be allowed to slide into NATO

crash box. Perhaps now is the perfect opportunity to correct

abuse in the past and where and when to stay out of NATO renewed vigor

A most vulnerable. If you can take a short day in the Baltic1-2

After drying the world of global conflict, without entering the NATO campaign

may never recover. Before there is a short window of opportunity

Multinational brigadaDržave all engaged only a few aircraft

No NATO ground troops, it is much simpler, de Escalate

This is the second case setBREKSITNo no! “Imagine

Cohesion does not disturb the reaction of NATO


scenario simulates two graduated response to the NATO-Russia

Baltic invasion under two different things: 1)

delayed reaction speculate on European political plot

caused BREKSIT and monitor the consequences, and; 2) If you do not BREKSIT

gertatukoeta /Or come to grips with the new realities of Europe, both

NATO would respond in a coherent way to deal with the crisis

An intensive air and sea surface vernauvdeen conflict

Baltic Sea water

The ship is set to retire on the basis of criteria that include ships

to leave theirmission and return to the port or repair arming

A pity. Lua scripting are widely used for the strength to fight as a supplement

evolving political situation

nekolikonajsavremenija equipment in use; F-22, Eurofighter

Tiphoonfeatured fight alongside the Russian SS-26 Iskander

a short-rangeballistic missile system S-400 SAMS, SM-3 – Theatre

ballistic missile defense missiles, as well as some of the latest and

NATO and Russia are the most capable ships inventory

Finland and Sweden the possibility of entering into combat as NATO

problems, but on the basis of coincidence in order to ensure more

option replay


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